October 29, 2016

SMU BCA/DCA Subjects

BCA - Bachelor of Computer Applications
DCA - Diploma in Computer Applications

1st Sem, Semester 1, First semester, Spring/Fall assignments
BCA1010 Fundamentals of IT & Programming
BCA1020 Programming in C
BCA1030 Basic Mathematics
BCA1040 Digital Logic
BCA1050 Programming in C – Practical

2nd Sem, Semester 2, Second semester, Spring/Fall assignments
BCA2010 Operating System
BCA2020 Data Structure and Algorithm
BCA2030 Object Oriented Programming – C++
BCA2040 Communication Skills
BCA2050 Computer Organization
BCA2060 Data Structures and Algorithm using C++ – Practical

3rd Sem, Semester 3, Third semester, Spring/Fall assignments
BCA3010 Computer Oriented Numerical Methods
BCA3030 Understanding PC & Troubleshooting
BCA3040 Data Communication
BCA3050 Soft Skill – Personality Development
BCA3060 DBMS – Practical

4th Sem, Semester 4, Fourth semester, Spring/Fall assignments
BCA4010 Computer Networking
BCA4020 Java Programming
BCA4030 System Software
BCA4040 Principles of Financial Accounting and Management
BCA4050 Java Programming – Practical
BCA4060 System Software Programming - Practical

5th Sem, Semester 5, Fifth semester, Spring/Fall assignments
BCA5010 Web Design
BCA5020 Visual Programming
BCA5030 Software Engineering
BCA5040 Elective – I
BCA5050 Visual Programming – Practical
BCA5060 Web Design – Practical

Elective - I
BCA5041 Compiler Design
BCA5042 Graphics and Multimedia
BCA5043 E-Commerce

6th Sem, Semester 6, Sixth semester, Spring/Fall assignments
BCA6010 Elective - II
BCA6020 Elective - III
BCA6030 Project

Elective - II
BCA6011 Advanced Web Design
BCA6012 Open Source Systems
BCA6013 Cloud Computing

Elective - III
BCA6021 Knowledge Management
BCA6022 Software Project Management
BCA6023 Supply Chain Management

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